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Tena Lady Maxi Pads Case

Tena Lady Maxi Case - 144 Pads

~For women with larger, unexpected urine leaks, TENA Lady Maxi is the ideal incontinence pad to use. 12 Packs of 12. 144 Pads.

R 1 200.00
Tena Lady Extra Pads Case

Tena Lady Extra Case - 60 Pads

~TENA LadyExtra incontinence pad with maximum security is perfect when experiencing medium, unexpected urine leaks.

R 384.00
Tena Lady Maxi Night Pads Case

Tena Lady Maxi Night Case - 48 Pads

~TENA Lady Maxi Night incontinence pads are suitable for medium to heavy bladder weakness, especially during the night.

R 472.00
Tena Lady Mini Magic Case

Tena Lady Mini Magic Pads Case - 204 Pads

~TENA Lady Slim Mini Magic is the smallest liner but surprisingly secure protection for small urine leaks and occasional drops.

R 378.00
Tena Lady Pads Normal Case
Tena  Lady Pants Plus Case

Tena Lady Plus Pants Case

TENA Lady Pants Plus High Waist Crème women's incontinence underwear look and feel just like regular underwear but are also designed for moderate to heavy bladder weakness.

From R 724.00
Tena Lady Mini Plus Pads Case

Tena Lady Slim Mini Plus Pads Case - 128 Pads

~TENA Lady Slim Mini Plus offers discreet and secure protection for light to medium bladder weakness.

R 488.00
Tena Lady Ultra Mini Pads Case

Tena Lady Ultra Mini Case

TENA Lady Slim Ultra Mini incontinence liner is ultra thin but super absorbent for secure and discreet protection.

R 700.00
Tena Men Pads Level 2 Case

Tena Men Pads Level 2 Case - 120 Pads

~Millions of men of all ages use TENA Men Absorbent Protector Level 2 to stay in control and protect themselves against medium urine leakage.

R 840.00
Tena Lady Maxi Pads Pack
Tena Lady Maxi Night Pads Pack
Tena  Lady Mini Magic Pads Pack
Tena Lady Normal Pads Pack
Tena Lady Plus Pants Pack
Tena Lady Mini Plus Pack