Clemens Continence Care Products

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Clemens Continence Care Products

Clemens™ is a proudly South African incontinence product range that has been your partner for over 18 years. Their vast experience within the incontinence category means that they understand your incontinence needs both from a product and lifestyle perspective. Incontinence need not change your daily life – Clemens™ is here to support you and provide you with the right product to keep you clean, dry and odour-free. Their easy-to-understand product range features the latest technology to keep you or your loved one comfortable and protected, whilst offering leading quality and value for money.

This leak-free security gives our patients their confidence back. With Clemens™, there is no need to put your life on hold for incontinence worries. Their mission is to support you in living an active and fulfilled life. "We understand that bladder weakness can come as a shock and not knowing how best to manage it can prevent you from living your life with the freedom and confidence you deserve."

It helps to know that you are not alone. The reassuring truth is that incontinence is an everyday reality for many of us – affecting 1 in 4 of women and about 1 in 7 men. Millions of people worldwide successfully manage their bladder weakness to live happy, full lives, and we know you can too!

Clemens™ is a South African brand designed with health care professionals to meet the unique needs of South African consumers. They have been a leading, trusted brand in the South African healthcare sector for more than 18 years.

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